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Taiwan Best Wings specialize in OEM/ODM variety of high quality Microfiber Towels in Taiwan. Our various towels are made from the finest fabrics and materials, meeting the most stringent world quality standards. We also provide Sports Accessories such as Gym/Yoga/Pilates Non-Slip Towel, Headband, Wristband, and Socks…etc.

In Production: We aim to provide all our customers with a service to the highest standard, therefore we focus on our customers' requirements, supplying to their specific need, and that, combined with our experience in the textile industry has made us becoming the major supplier of these products. For future development, we will focus on combination with high tech production. In order to create a new green business opportunity, the primary focus for new product development will be "Environmentally friendly, Low-carbon emission, Energy conservation, and Sustainability".

In Business: We have a long experience in the import and export trade and a wide knowledge of commodities as well as of the best sources of supply of these materials. Besides, our experienced and professional team members are equipped to handle your inquiries promptly and most efficiently on all commodities.

Taiwan Best Wings have strong R&D capability; we welcome all OEM/ODM projects. If you need any article produced in Taiwan, we shall be very glad to procure for you. We will do our best to selected variety of high quality products which meets the satisfaction of our clients.


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